EMAC, Life is Advertising

Elite Creative (EMAC)  is the first and only agency of its kind in Iraq offering premium publicity services. Founded by a team of experts with more than eight years of working experience in Iraq, Elite Creative (EMAC) is a full service advertising, marketing and integrated public relations firm with offices in Baghdad, Dubai and Cairo, specializing in Iraq business advertising.

We manage successful publicity campaigns and providing government and business lobbying. Our team, with its background in broadcasting, television production, marketing and advertising; is able to manage every element of any advertising including the television and radio, from script to air and screen.

In addition to the ATL, BTL and TTL services, EMAC can offer you, as well, a billboard campaign throughout the country, including the airports in Baghdad and Erbil.

We believe in our experience and our knowledge of the Iraqi market. We understand the Iraqi people, culture and mentality, therefore, we know best how to design, implement and successfully start any advertising, marketing and publicity campaign in Iraq.

Why Work With EMAC

EMAC specialises in affordable, cost-effective Iraq and emerging markets TV and Radio advertising
that delivers results and maximizes return on investment.
Our blend of both digital and traditional media solutions elevates our clientele above the rest,
and accelerates them towards their objectives.
EMAC is the place where creativity takes shape and is realized with the aim of achieving the objectives set by the marketing plan in full compliance with budget and timing, optimizing resources and assets, and achieving results that are characterized by freshness, innovation, and when necessary, irony.

Why Advertise With EMAC

When choosing to advertise with EMAC, your business can benefit greatly from our services, firstly by boosting sales, creating brand awareness, customer interest, or desire. This gives your business a strong brand image that will help offset competitor advertising. It will also remind and reassure your clients of your market presence, and creates brand loyalty.

Design, code & technology

Effective advertising is an essential part of marketing because:

1. Advertising is the only medium you can control – if you want your message to hit on the day a product launches or event is about to happen, this is the only vehicle you control completely.

2. Advertising allows you to target ideal customers only – when you match a very personal message to a very select audience you get far greater connection.

3. Advertising creates awareness for your product –Advertising is a great way to help get that product found and consumed once you’ve gone to the effort to produce it.

4. Advertising adds credibility to your message – The perception that you can afford advertising is often enough to sell and resell prospects and customers alike and makes it easier to get attention for your entire message.

5. Advertising amplifies everything else you’re doing – When you are using advertising to create awareness for your product, you automatically create more awareness for everything you are doing.

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