Elite Creative LLC (EMAC) is the first and only agency of its kind in Iraq offering premium publicity services. Founded by a team of experts with more than eight years of working experience in Iraq, Elite Creative (EMAC) is a full service advertising, marketing and integrated public relations firm with offices in Baghdad, Dubai and Cairo, specializing in Iraq business advertising.

Growing your business is never an easy task, and especially so in difficult business environments such as Iraq. EMAC understands the challenges your business must contend with and we craft the strategies to overcome them.

If your company is operating in Iraq, or is looking forward to enter and expand its business in Iraq, then you could benefit greatly from EMAC and its services, which can slice through the bureaucracy and manage the relationships necessary to achieve your goals.

We specialize in affordable, cost-effective Iraq and emerging markets publicity services that deliver results and maximize return on investment. Our blend of both digital and traditional media solutions elevates our clientele above the rest, and accelerates them towards their objectives.

Our knowledge of the market and extensive network of industry contacts means that our service is well developed and primed for equipping you with the most effective advertising packages. A TV, Radio, Billboard or Print commercial is the perfect vehicle for driving an increase in leads.

Elite Creative (EMAC) offers its clients a full range of public relations, marketing, government relations, lobbying and advertising services. Our staff comes from diverse backgrounds in government, media, public relations, marketing, and the corporate world, which provides us with a well-rounded perspective in understanding your business; achieving your lobbying, marketing and communications objectives and delivering the exposure you need.

And that’s our Vision

Leave the ordinary behind, and step into the extraordinary. With our proud origins in Iraq and the Middle East, we differentiate ourselves by simplifying the complicated and perfecting the innovative.

As an advertising, lobbying, public affairs, public relations, and strategic communications firm that values honesty and integrity, we have built the necessary relationships that put us on a first-name basis with leaders of government, business, advocacy groups and the media.

Whether it’s the people or government who buy your product or services, finance your growth, regulate your industry or join your cause, your success begins with a relationship. When it comes to relationships in Iraq, you have a partner in EMAC.

EMAC has a different approach to placing your advertising insertions. We don’t just take your commercials and throw them anywhere; we strategically place them in the right TV show, Radio program, permanent billboards in high-traffic zones and most popular print, to ensure that you’re receiving the exposure and frequency you deserve.

“Creativity knows no bounds , So do we”


Our success is based on our ability to design innovative publicity campaigns that help our clients stand out in a crowded marketplace, and that requires some very special qualities. The EMAC team brings together a potent mix of creative talent and technical know-how, but we’re business people too, so we understand the kinds of challenges our clients face.

We are constantly searching for new innovative ways to take advertising to the next level.  Our years of experience in making adverts and dealing with a variety of television channels gives us the edge in understanding our market and industry. We can therefore help you successfully kick-start your publicity campaign!

If you would like to find out what EMAC can do for your business, give us a call on (+964)7901-105513, (+964)7702253683 or (+971)50-3779484.

Alternatively, why not spend a few moments filling out our Iraq business advertising form? Upon submission you’ll receive your free advertising plan within 24 hours!

How We WOrk !


Given today’s complex situation in Iraq and the difficulties of the business and economic environment, companies planning to enter the Iraqi markets, need to be more prepared than ever, therefore clients worldwide have come to EMAC for assistance in preparing, entering and establishing themselves in the Iraqi markets.

For us, it all starts with our clients. Together with our clients, we become partners in dynamic and creative relationships.
We thoughtfully and responsibly identify our client’s objectives and assemble the right mix of skills and resources to meet them. We value their perspective and anticipate their needs. With intelligence and ingenuity, timeliness and accuracy. We deliver informed analysis, strategic thinking, effective writing, creative planning, excellent execution and sound measurement.

Our professionals work closely with you to develop a strategy, which will result in an action. We draw on expertise from across EMAC’s offices to provide clients with authoritative analysis, hands-on support and lobbying for the implementation of investment and business development strategies.

EMAC’s team brings detailed understanding of local politics and legislative and business culture in Iraq, and provide strategic counsel to companies seeking to navigate the political risks and challenges of doing business in the country. We operate, as well, in almost all governorates and provinces in Iraq, to the highest standards of ethical integrity.

EMAC’s strategies often involve; direct lobbying, coalition building and the development and execution of briefings for the responsible authorities, agencies and executive officials.

Our offerings within these services, broken down by the three essential steps to entering a new market, include:


• Business development and market entry strategy
• Market research and analysis
• Policy and regulatory assessment
• Investment negotiations with the responsible authorities and government high-level officials.
• Securing approvals

• Government relations and lobbying
• Stakeholder engagement
• Corporate governance
• Ministries, directorates, executives and Investors relations
• Media relations

• Corporate positioning and reputation management
• Corporate lobbying management
• Corporate advertising and public relations
• Corporate responsibility
• External communication

Over the last years, foreign investors and companies have developed partnerships with EMAC due to our deep local knowledge and a wealth of diverse experience in Iraq. When it comes to relationships, you have a friend in EMAC.


What people say about us

 إن الخدمات التي تقدمها ايماك، كشركة للعلاقات العامة والدعاية والاعلان، تعتمد على مبادئ الشفافية والنزاهة في بناء علاقات التعاون المتبادل بين المستثمرين والجهات الرسمية او القطاع الخاص العراقي،والمواطن، وهذا ما ما يجعلنا في مقدمة الشركات التي تحضى بثقة وتقدير المؤسسات الرسمية والحكومية، بالإضافة الى المؤسسات الاعلامية الرصينة، والمؤسسات المهنية في العراق ودول المنطقة.
falah mousa  Source Article

شركتنا تقدم مجموعة من الخدمات ومنها الاعلانات التلفزيونية والاعلانات الاذاعية، و توزيع الافلام و المسلسلات التلفزيونية، و نفتخر باننا نمتلك فريقا من الخبراء والمهنيين الذين يجعلون كل ما يتخيله صاحب المصلحة ممكنا. اما عن المشاكل فللاسف قطاع الاعمال الخاص و الحكومي في العراق غير مدرك بشكل كامل لأهمية الدعاية والاعلان، وعن حاجة الاقتصاد و المجتمع الى هذا الفن و هذه الصناعة.
falah mousa Source Article


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