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Iraq presents a huge investment opportunity across a broad range of sectors, including the healthcare industry, where hospitals and clinics in the UAE may take the advantage of an enormous number of exciting opportunities to provide healthcare services for a population that can afford quality treatments in highly qualified medical centers abroad.

The term “Medical Tourism” is very popular among the Iraqi people, and it is very important for them as well because they cannot obtain quality healthcare solutions in their home country. Therefore, Iraqi citizens choose to travel outside their country to receive better healthcare services. More reasons for Iraqis to travel abroad for medical care are the availability of alternative treatments, physician expertise and modern techniques.

Having said all that, we believe that hospital and clinics in the UAE have the opportunity for being the right destination for Iraqi citizens to get the best medical services. Apart from the attractive healthcare services and costs at medical centers in the UAE, where the quality standards for healthcare are high, Dubai is one of the few Middle Eastern countries that offer convenient travel.

We are totally convinced that the Medical Tourism is in its growth stage in the UAE, and that medical centers there will be positioned to successfully be the destination number ONE for Iraqi Medical Travelers. The UAE has a great location and visas are easily obtainable, in addition to the direct connectivity between the UAE and Iraq, where Iraqi Airways sends daily flights to Dubai at very cheap prices! Therefore, Iraqis no more need to travel to other Asian countries or Europe to receive the medical treatments they could get in the UAE.

One of the best ways to reach the Iraqi medical travelers is through “Better Health” magazine. Better Health, for the time being, is a supplement to “IraqSky” magazine, the official in-flight magazine of Iraqi Airways. After IraqSky had proved great success, Elite Creative (LLC), the official publisher and content provider of IraqSky, have decided to issue Better Health magazine to supplement IraqSky’s contents of economic, fashion, culture and technology, with a very important subject that highly matters to Iraqis. Better Health will soon become a separate magazine to be distributed all over the cities of Iraq.

5000 copies of Better Health are published monthly to be distributed in Iraqi Airways airplanes, airports, executive and business lounges, as well as medical and healthcare centers in Iraq. It is also available in all the Iraqi Airways’ offices around the world. To advertise in Better Health, means your services will be exposed to more than 2.2 million travelers carried by the Iraqi Airways annually with a fleet of 30 aircrafts.

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