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EMAC specialises in Billboard advertising services in Iraq. Growing your business is never an easy task, and especially so in difficult business environments such as Iraq. EMAC understands the challenges your business must contend with and we craft the strategies to overcome them.

Creativity knows no bounds , so do we

Billboard Advertising

When choosing Billboards as an advertising medium, your business can benefit greatly due to the fact that people will actually see them.

Since billboards are generally placed along highways, busy streets, shopping malls or airports, you’ll be guaranteed that people will see your advertising. Another added benefit is that many people travel the same route repeatedly, such as with their commute to work each day. This means that they’ll see your billboard regularly, which makes it more likely to stick in their minds.

Another good reason for billboard advertising is the customized placement. You can place your billboard advertisement wherever you feel it will have the most impact. This can be a big advantage when you have a business you want to draw traffic to right off a particular highway exit, or you have a showroom just down the road.

Billboards are a constant reminder of your message throughout the year (24 hours a day, 365 days a year). They sustain name and image awareness since they can’t be turned-off, tuned-out or put aside.


It’s about bringing those elements together to create something that produces impact, and something that excites, captivates and motivates your audience to buy whatever it is you are selling. And that’s precisely what we do. We produce TV and Radio ads that build brands, increase sales, attract more customers and win over competitors’ clientele.

To receive your publicity plan, call our team of experts on (+964)7901-105513, (+964)7704-425615, or (+971)50-3779484; where we can discuss your  advertising and marketing options with impartiality and without obligation. Alternatively, why not spend a few moments filling out our Iraq business advertising form? Upon submission you’ll receive your free publicity plan within 24 hours!


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