Indoor/Outdoor Billboard Projects

What makes a great billboard ? what can cause the drivers to endanger their lives to take a look at your billboards while they’re driving? Great billboard can answer this question well. It should be graphic-oriented, informative, interesting and most importantly, creative. EMAC Billboards extremely creative and attention-grabbing. They will prove you that creativity has no boundaries, enjoy them all!

 Al Mansour Mall Advertisment, Baghdad 2013

  • Biggest and first hyper Market.
  • Food court with 500 tables and 2000 seats , includes 25 restaurants.
  • International clothes brands .
  • Watches and accessories shops .
  • Banks and Exchange money shops.
  • 7 cinema Halls & 10 D Cinema.
  • Kids entertainment area.
  • Playing Area.
  • Coffee shops and cafes.
  • Mobile shops and Telecommunications services offices.


 Other Billboard Projects

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