Public Relation

Growing your business is never an easy task, and especially so in difficult business environments such as Iraq. EMAC understands the challenges your business must contend with and we craft the strategiesto overcome them.

If your company is operating in Iraq, or is looking forward to enter and expand its business in Iraq, then you could benefit greatly from EMAC and its services, which can slice through the bureaucracy and manage the relationships necessary to achieve your goals.

We manage successful public affairs campaigns, providing Government lobbying, legislative and regulatory monitoring, and media advocacy support for business, services, industries and others whose interests, in Iraq, are affected by the activities of the regulatory and executive authorities in the country.


As an advertising, lobbying, public affairs, public relations, and strategic communications firm that values honesty and integrity, we have built the necessary relationships that put us on a first-name basis with leaders of government, business, advocacy groups and the media.

Whether it’s the people or government who buy your product or services, finance your growth, regulate your industry or join your cause, your success begins with a relationship. When it comes to relationships in Iraq, you have a friend in EMAC.

We offer our clients a full range of public relations, marketing, government relations, lobbying and advertising services. Our staff come from diverse backgrounds in government, media, public relations, marketing, and the corporate world, which provides us with a wellrounded perspective in understanding your business; achieving your lobbying, marketing and communications objectives and delivering the exposure you need.

EMAC’s public relations strategy will seek to explain companys’ policies, or to provide statistical and factual information and to lobby on issues, which could impact upon the company’s ability to operate successfully in Iraq.

EMAC’s work combines government relations, media communications, issue management, corporate and social responsibility information dissemination and strategic communications advice. Our aim is to influence public and government policy, build and maintain a strong reputation and find a common ground with these stakeholders.


Lobbying is the art and the skill of creating opportunities to move good ideas forward. In the public, government or business arenas, moving that good idea requires establishing relationships with those who can help.

With extensive experience in Iraq and excellent relations with the most effective decision makers and high ministerial officials, EMAC’s government relations experts work with clients to predict, understand and formulate strategic responses to complex public and government policy, business regulatory and reputational challenges. We assist clients in communicating and building valued relationships with governments, political audiences and stakeholders who influence governments.

When your company or organization needs to secure the support of government, high level decision makers, the business community, public organizations or the media, EMAC can cater for all your advertising, PR and Marketing needs, and will help you connect and deliver.

Trust is at the center of every successful relationship. Our lobbying services strive to become a trusted “advisor” to government, business and leaders. By establishing, developing and maintaining relationships with the central, regional and province governments and authorities in Iraq, EMAC is able to present your issue to the decision-makers who have come to trust our advice and counsel.


If you need to influence or create opportunities in the public or private sector in Iraq, then you need EMAC and it’s team to act as dedicated public affair and public relations consultant, lobbyist, and media professional, with vast experience managing public, private and government policy issues in Iraq.

EMAC’s direct lobbying service involves meeting with government representatives, high officials from different ministries and members of the executive branch, and trying to inform them about your company’s products or services, and getting them to act in a favorable way for you.

In lobbying, it is important to be in direct contact with the decision makers and legislators and executive branch members, in different authorities, if you wish to lobby on a long-term basis, therefore EMAC has developed a personal relationship with those you wish to lobby, and will inform them about your company, products and services, in which your are lobbying.

EMAC will work intensively to convince the responsible personnel, the decision makers and the executive staff members to make decisions favorable to your industry or point of view.

If you are searching for a single consultant, or a team of dedicated, intelligent people who define their success by whether you achieve yours, please contact us to learn more about how we can help you win.

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