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EMAC specialises in Radio advertising services in Iraq. Growing your business is never an easy task, and especially so in difficult business environments such as Iraq. EMAC understands the challenges your business must contend with and we craft the strategies to overcome them.

Creativity knows no bounds , so do we

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is powerful because it’s personal. It goes straight into people’s homes, their workplaces and cars. Your audience doesn’t have to make an effort to read your ad or click on it because it’s right there with them when they’re doing the washing up or driving to work.

Successful radio advertising requires great creativity. The airways are very crowded with marketing messages so it’s important to achieve real stand-out, and there are many ways to do that depending on your product or service and your target audience. A distinctive voice, music or sound effects can all be used to create impact and drive your message home.

The best use of radio advertising is day in, day out, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. The results from radio advertising build over time, and they are lasting results.

If you’re new to radio advertising we’ll walk you through the process, agree on a brief, then take care of everything from script writing to production, as well as media buying and analysis of results. If you’ve used radio advertising before then we’ll show you how to make more impact and increase response. To find out what radio advertising from EMAC can do for your business, get in touch with us today!


TV and Radio commercial production is part art, part science. It requires a blend of creative and technical skills such as innovative concept creation, sharp script-writing, intelligent casting, and slick production and editing.

EMAC has formulated a guide for every TV channel in Iraq, providing access to TV ad costs, TV viewing figures, and typical programming exclusive to each TV channel. EMAC’s summaries are a valuable resource for businesses keen on entering the television advertising market, supplying the uninitiated with a detailed overview of the TV advertising landscape.

To receive your publicity plan, call our team of experts on (+964)7901-105513, (+964)7704-425615, or (+971)50-3779484; where we can discuss your  advertising and marketing options with impartiality and without obligation. Alternatively, why not spend a few moments filling out our Iraq business advertising form? Upon submission you’ll receive your free publicity plan within 24 hours!


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